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WP3 EUROlinkCAT Mortality Analysis Plans : Survival, Risk Factors and Geographical Variation

WP3 leads: Judith Rankin (UNEW), Anna Pierini (CNR-IFC)

Researchers: Svetlana Glinianaia (UNEW), Michele Santoro (CNR-IFC), Alessio Coi (CNR-IFC)

The WP3 analysis plan for the analysis of survival up to 10 years of age and risk factors for survival in children born with congenital anomalies is accessible below.

The analysis plan documents consist of three parts:

1.  Word file - WP3 Stage 2 Statistical Analysis Final (Version updated 04/09/2019) -  that describes the study subjects and the main principles of the analyses, and listing the Excel tables for completion

2.  Excel file* - WP3 Stage 2 Statistical Analysis Final (Version updated 04/09/2019)that details the analyses and the output tables for reports of the results. The Excel file contains the detailed tables (n=47) outlined in 28 Excel spreadsheets (T 1-T 4B – cross-tabulations, T 5A-T 5I – Survival analysis; T 6A-T 6I – Cox regression, T 7A-7B – Population Mortality, T8A- T8C - Adjusted survival).

3. Subgrouping listing for WP3, WP4 and WP5 - Click Here

These documents together build the foundation for the creation of the registry-specific syntax scripts by WP2 team which will be run
by the participating registries to produce the study results.

*Please be aware that some details in the Excel tables might need some further modifications after Joan and Joachim test the syntax scripts on available linked datasets.

Kindly forward any questions or comments to Judith Rankin, Anna Pierini, and Svetlana Glinianaia


Last Uploaded: 04/09/2019

First Uploaded: 12/03/2018

(EUROlinkCAT Milestone 11 - Risk Factors for survival and Milestone 12 Geographical Variations)