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WP6 Protocol - Accuracy of anomaly coding of TOPFA in health care database

>>Click here to access and download the PDF of the protocol (updated April 2019)<<

Overview of deadlines

Month 27 (March 2019): approval of protocol by Steering Committee

Month 27 (March 2019): registries apply for ethical approval

Month 33 (September 2019): analysis plan

Month 34 (October 2019): ethics approvals in place

Month 34 (October 2019): common data model defined and standardisation work begins

Month 36 (December 2019): analysis syntax script to be sent to registries

Month 38 (February 2020): tables/results submitted from local registries to UU

Month 39 (March 2020): tables sent from UU to RSD for analysis

Month 46 (October 2020): meeting for all partners in this study to discuss and agree on results

Month 49 (January 2021): submission of paper for publication

Month 57 (September 2021): submission and circulation to health authorities of report on guidelines for coding of congenital anomalies in health care databases.